If you thought Chuck Norris jokes were so 2000-and-late, you're wrong. And you should start stretching.

The man himself is hosting a 5K race in College Station, Texas  in May, and participants are encouraged to dress up as one of his many iconic characters.

Reasons why this race is the best thing that's ever happened:

Race organizers want to set a world record for "the most people in one place to be dressed as Chuck Norris." Race registration includes a "Chuck Norris style t-shirt" (whatever that means), a fake beard and a belt buckle.  There will be awards for best male and female Chuck Norris costume, as well as best kid costume. Imagine a bunch of kids dressed up as Chuck Norris. Just imagine it. Chuck Norris will be there in person to high-five race participants at the finish line. There will be "an amazing post-race party featuring many of Chuck Norris' favorite foods." What foods? The people need to know! 

Additionally, 100 percent of the race proceeds will benefit Kickstart Kids, a martial arts nonprofit formed by Norris and his wife, and Mercy Project, a nonprofit based in College Station which aims to eradicate child slavery in Ghana.