Erie School District to allow parents at outdoor sporting events

Times-News staff
Fans watch from behind the fence at Veterans Stadium as the Erie High football team plays Cathedral Prep on Friday night, Sept. 18, 2020. No fans were allowed in the stadium because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Prep won 48-26.

The Erie School Board voted to allow parents to attend outdoor athletic events during a special board meeting on Monday.

The board voted to allow each athlete two tickets for each game to go to household members. Board member Darlene Feeney said she wants to make sure parents or others are present if a student-athlete gets injured during a game.

This decision comes less than three days after McDowell football player Johnny Heubel collapsed on the sideline during a game and his mom was present at the game.

The board did not want to lift all spectator restrictions due to safety concerns, but they are able to allow some spectators after a federal judge ruled that Gov. Tom Wolf's mitigation order of no more than 250 people at an outdoor event as unconstitutional.