Falcon varsity clips Steelers

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Echo Pilot

The Falcons Smurfs dominated the Chambersburg Steelers Sept. 20 from the start to the end of the game.  The team accomplishments were outstanding.  The Falcons totaled six touchdowns and the incredible defense kept the Steelers from scoring all day.  Adam Root and Ethan Zimmerman both posted two touchdowns while Connor Cline and Taylor Conrad each contributed one touchdown to the total. The stellar defense was led in tackles by Seth Ryder, Ethan Zimmerman, Adam Root, and Taylor Conrad.  One standout defense moment occurred when Root ran down the offense, making an open field tackle that prevented the Steelers from any chance of advancement.  Darren Mowen posted his first sack of the year when he took down the quarterback twice his size.  The Steelers first advancement of the day was abruptly ended by Max Alexander.  The defense held the line and no further advancement was made during this play cycle.  The Steelers second and last advancement turned out to be the final play of the game. Root made the final takedown and the game ended with a shut-out.  The Falcons Smurfs were relentless.  They started the game as a team and ended as an even better team.  

Junior Varsity

JV Falcons gave the steel men a tough battle but lost 26-12.  The swift Falcons were led by Isaiah Peck with 74 yards rushing, 46 for a touchdown, Tyler Thuahnai completed a 55 yard pass to Dustin Shaffer for a touchdown and Hayden Rhoe had 11 yards.  The Falcon defense battled for their lives with Chase Branchman garnering seven tackles, two assists and 10 yards rushing on a kick return. Wesley Medina, Dante Engle, Connor Ray, Isaiah Peck and Tucker Helfrick had one tackle each.  Connor Elyard had one assist; Aaron Lutz, two tackles; Austin Kane, three tackles with one assist; Hunter Rhoe, five tackles and one assist; Bryant Bishop one assist and one fumble recovery, Bryan Gembe, five tackles; Cole Bonebrake, two tackles; and Seth Runshaw finished the defense with one tackle and one assist.


MV Falcons lost 30-6 to a hardened Steelers team.  The rushing offense was led by Tyler Graham with 45 yards; Austin Branchman, 27 yards; Derek Measell, 13 yards; Cade Bender, four yards; and Zach Koons, six yards and one touchdown.  Cade Bender led the passing attack with four completions for 19 yards. Measell had all 19 yards receiving. Branchman had a 12 yard punt and the kick off return was guided by Kyrin Zimmerman with 19 yards; Matt Christman,  nine yards; and Branchman finished with 3 yards.  The defense was led by Tyler Graham with five tackles, followed by Zimmerman with three tackles and a fumble recovery.  Colin Blubaugh, Brae Peck, Trace Bender and Andrew Votral had two tackles each.  Koons, Colin Runshaw, Reese Kyler, Casey Bard and  Measell finished with one tackle apiece.


Varsity Falcons throttled the Steelers 30-0.  Ashtin Byers led the feisty rushing offense with 73 yards and was three of four for 72 yards passing.  Justin Hovey had 39 yards, one touchdown, four PAT's and 13 return yards.  Matt Kline had 14 yards; Desmond Wolfe, seven yards and one touchdown; Kurt Hansen, 4 yards and one touchdown.  Ryan Ricci led the receiving corp with 51 yards; Justin Hovey, 13 yards; and Matt Kline finished with eight yards.  The gang-style tackling defense was led by Ashtin Byers with six tackles; Justin Hovey, four tackles; Nick Silva, three tackles, and Dalton Webster, two tackles.  Ryan Ricci and Jack Alexander had 1.5 tackles each followed by Kristian Sheeley, Kurt Hansen, Desmond Wolfe and Thomas Bowers with one a piece.  G. Byers recovered a fumbled punt attempt in the end zone for a touchdown.