LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Board members need to stand their ground

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

In reference to Mr. Carl Silverman threatening to sue, making his presence known at a Greencastle-Antrim School Board meeting due to them having a prayer before the meeting commences. I just want to give my throughts or opinion. Mr. Silverman, we the people aren’t against you or your group of nonbelievers believing that there is no god, creator, etc. Why does or would it upset, bother you that the school board members have prayer. It’s their business if they want to do so. As Mr. Hoover said, they have been having a prayer for centuries. I feel he and the board members just need to stand their ground over this ridiculous nonsense. You’re not being forced to come be at these board meetings, are you? Not hardly. You just want to cause a problem, trouble within the school district. Why don’t you take your non-believer rhetoric somewhere else. We the God-believing people aren’t interfering with your beliefs, but I will say this — there will be a day, time come when you and other nonbelievers will see the light. Whether you people want to believe me or not, I will pray that you will get right with the Lord.

Pete Seville