EDITORIAL: Ball now in your court

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Yesterday is a memory and today is just a moment and tomorrow all your dreams can come true.

Eloquent platitudes punctuate every graduation ceremony, sometimes in words so lofty they blur in meaning. Nevertheless, they are true.

For the Class of 2012, exciting things are in store. You’ve graduated and you really are stepping out into the world to make your way. Depending on what you have already learned, what you are still willing to learn and how you use that information, there is no limit to what the future holds.

Maybe you will become a teacher and influence young minds, maybe you will invent the next 'must have' technological gadget, maybe you will protect our country at home and abroad, maybe you will serve a hungry person a juicy hamburger.

It doesn't matter what you do because everything is important to someone. What does matter is that you do it with kindness, integrity and selflessness.

The wonderful thing about America is that you can continue a formal education or go straight into the workforce, whatever is right for you. Opportunities are vast if you are willing to try something new. You can go places and do things and seek experiences never available to earlier generations. The ball truly is in your court.

And no matter where that path takes you, you will always have Greencastle-Antrim as a common bond with your classmates. Some of you started kindergarten together. Many joined your ranks through the years. You have created lifetime friendships. You became a group of students to be reckoned with and you have left your mark at G-AHS.

Now you get to make your mark on the world. Work hard. Have fun. Fulfill your potential.

Congratulations and best wishes.