EDITORIAL: Hundreds lined the streets

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

In 1962 hundreds of people lined the streets of Greencastle to witness the annual Memorial Day Parade. That’s what the Echo Pilot of the day reported. We’re not sure if the number of spectators then was similar to what we saw Monday on Baltimore Street for the 2012 version of the Memorial Day Parade, but we do know that we were delighted with the turnout.

We believe that those taking the time to attend the parade has grown in the past five years. Similarly the number of people who travel to Cedar Hill Cemetery after the parade for the annual memorial service at the Veterans Rostrum has grown.

We’re not sure why the trend has been toward more participation in events such as these. Of course Greencastle-Antrim has a long tradition of popular community events. Just say Old Home Week. But we can remember times when the attendance has not been as good and it has been disappointing for the organizers who work so hard to keep such events going.

Perhaps the upswing has something to do with the cost and hassle of travel. People are deciding to just stay home for holidays, saving money and headaches.

Perhaps residents are taking the time to appreciate the special events that organizations, such as the VFW and the American Legion, work to keep going in the community.

Perhaps people are just looking for something to do.

Or, perhaps, there is a renewed sense of patriotism going on in the country and community. If that is the case, it couldn’t come at a better time. More than ever its seems that there are those who want to change or fix our country and ignore our history. It was a war, which always comes with sacrifice, that helped to form our country, and similar struggles have brought us through nearly 236 years to preserve these freedoms which we enjoy.

Whatever the reason, we just hope that we can continue to write in the pages of the Echo Pilot that “hundreds of people lined the streets”.