EDITORIAL: Let’s avoid this in the future

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

It doesn’t matter if you believed that the Greencastle-Antrim School District should have remained using the Charles “Whitey” Barkdoll Field at the Jerome R. King Playground or moved to the baseball diamond at the high school campus. The fallout from the way it came about and was carried out has turned out to be, at the least, a shame.

We are appreciative and enlightened with the information offered by the Jerome R. King Playground board (above). We are glad the organization decided to speak up and offer clarity to some misinformation that had been forwarded. We got sentimental about the Barkdoll Field venue in this editorial space a few weeks ago. With the apology offered by Superintendent of School Dr. Greg Hoover two weeks ago and now the playground board’s statement setting the record straight, we see now that the process of this switch was poor, at best.

Nobody in this situation has an easy job. Operating a school district and its athletic endeavors is a complicated task and a delicate balance in many aspects. Volunteers caring for a community playground certainly have a monumental job, especially in a poor economy. The bottom line is that everyone, in both cases, does his or her best towards serving the needs of the youth of our community. Obviously sometimes it’s difficult to get there.

We don’t believe that anyone purposely meant to disrespect the work of the playground board, but what happened it still unfortunate. We would hope that our Greencastle-Antrim community would maintain an atmosphere of courtesy and cooperation and make all efforts to avoid creating situations like this in the future. Moving forward, let’s all continue to support the high school baseball program and also consider how you can support the playground, a gem situated in the heart of our community. The fund drive to support the playground is approaching and we urge all to lend their support.