EDITORIAL: Take an active interest in your government

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

It’s high time someone took the Antrim Township Board of Supervisors to task about the fiasco of constructing a concession stand at the community park.

Nearly a year and a half ago the bid was just over $139,000. It was rejected for being too high. Many declined bids, re-bidding and votes later, the stand is now being built with a price tag of around $144,600.

Most school students could tell the board that this doesn’t compute if you are looking for the best deal.

Of course we want the board to get the best bang for the township’s buck. Despite the fact that some of the funding comes from a state grant, we point out that it’s still taxpayers’ money and we need our elected officials to look out for every dollar that is spent.

The road this project has taken has never made a whole lot of sense. While the citizen who brought his concerns to the board last week had a vested interest as a sub-contractor, he makes many valid points. As a township citizen we’re glad his interest has been piqued in the goings on in the local government.

It’s part of each citizen’s civic duty to take an active interest and keep an eye on what your government is doing.