EDITORIAL: Take time to thank a farmer

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Penn State Extension column on Page B-4 of this edition takes time to pay tribute to farmers. There are some great statistics in that piece which demonstrate what a strong presence agriculture is in Franklin County and Pennsylvania.

It seems particularly fitting during the Franklin County Fair to pay homage to those who spend their lives raising our food. It’s also harvest time and that means the roads are even busier with farm equipment than ever. That’s another reason to ponder the good that farmers do for all of us. Our patience can be enhanced by remembering that equipment is there to help us all.

Few businesss are easy right now in our economy. That’s particularly true of agriculture. Not only is agriculture a multi-faceted and physically demanding job, the industry is just as  susceptible to what’s going on in the economy as every other business.

Despite all of the pressures of today, farmers remain as a strong part of Franklin County. For our survival we need to keep it that way.

So take time to visit the Franklin County Fair to see what those involved in agriculture have to show in 2011. It runs through Saturday, Aug. 24. By supporting farmers, you are supporting yourselves.

And be patient on the roads as farm equipment makes its rounds to get the crops harvested before the cold weather sets in. You’ll also be doing something for yourselves in the process.