EDITORIAL: Pat on the back

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

In January in the face of what was apt to be a tough budget year, Greencastle-Antrim School Board President Joel Fridgen posed a challenge to the administration, teachers association, staff and taxpayers, alike. He said if the district is going to continue on the path of focusing on student achievement while being efficient and effective with its financial resources each group would “need to make sacrifices for the good of our students and community in the foreseeable future.”

We are glad to see that the ball has started to roll. Not only have administrators agreed to forego any salary increase, the teachers have agreed to a pay freeze. The concession by the teachers negates a 5 percent pay hike that was included in their contract for the 2011-2012 school year. The teachers are to be commended for giving up what had already been negotiated and in place in order to do their part to help in what can be termed a crisis time. These school employees deserve a “pat on the back.”

Yes, it was a concession and yes, they should be commended. Whether it was a sacrifice, we’re not sure. People have lost their jobs in this economy. And many have not seen any pay raise in years, or have been hours and wages shrink. We are all facing challenges. We are glad that the approach to the school district financial issues has been one of giving and compromise.

Everyone involved seems to be compromising in order to do what’s best for the children of our Greencastle-Antrim community. That kind of attitude can only serve to make us stronger no matter what we face in the future.