EDITORIAL: The good kids do

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

All too often we dwell too much on the negative of life. In the same vein, newspapers are often blamed for always printing bad news. Sometimes that feeling is extended to the young people of our society. We hear, “Why don’t you print anything good that kids do.”

And in reality we don’t distinguish between the good and bad. We just know what IS news. Happily, we believe that we publish A LOT of the good that the children of our community do.

Our sports and school pages are always filled with positive news. You can’t argue with that. We are, however, happy that his week’s issue spotlights several of those “good” things. In particular, the accomplishments of Alex Yoder on the track are highlighted. In the news section a seventh-grader Sydney Shepherd is shown standing before the school board advocating for her schoolmates.

Both students are examples of the youth of our community. And with that, we are encouraged. Rest assured, we will continue to bring you more of the same every chance we get.