EDITORIAL: We’ll keep laughing

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Political campaigns are usually interesting, often brutal and, yes, sometimes humorous. We have seen a lot of issues used for political fodder, but some recent ones on the local scene are really reaching and have brought a smile to our face.

Case and point, a letter to the editor recently charged unethical behavior because one public official had opted to take insurance provided by the municipality he serves rather than that offered by his employer. Funny thing is the other four officials on the board also take the insurance provided by the municipality.  The writer reasoned that it was justified for the four to take the municipality insurance because they are self-employed. This is laughable. All of the officials had insurance before they were elected to the office and all have opted to take the perk offered for serving. The one that doesn’t take insurance through his employer is no different than the rest. Why does he deserve anything less than the rest? Should the taxpayers be up in arms about the one or about the officials getting this benefit at all?

The county commissioners race produced another comical moment as some wanted to bring up the subject of a new courthouse. Months earlier after a public outcry the commissioners had decided not to build a new courthouse. For some reason some candidate supporters felt that was an issue to bring up under the guise of fiscal irresponsibility. Wasn’t the move to not build actually fiscally responsible? Certainly there are more pertinent and immediate issues to be discussed.

As long as there are political campaigns there will be some things that don’t make sense. Much like the rows of candidate signs you see at many public corners. And, yes, they are often for all the same office and right next to each other. Do you vote for the prettiest one or the one in your favorite color? I guess we’ll just keep laughing.