EDITORIAL: Public campaign is the way to go

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The idea of a community capital campaign to raise funds for the upgrade of the Greencastle-Antrim School District athletic facilities is a fine one. Perhaps it should be the only way to consider funding the renovations for facilities mostly used for extra curricular school activities and by the community at large.

The days when the high school was at the core of all things community are long gone. However, in Greencastle-Antrim we maintain a strong connection to our schools and there is a solid following of the arts and athletics in our community. That is exactly the key to how a community capital campaign could work here.

We do wonder how and why the athletic facilities were allowed to get into such shape. Now when the economy of the community can’t handle the type of tax increases it may take to upgrade, we are left with some difficult decisions.

One nearby school district has been very successful with a public campaign to renovate its athletic facilities rather than relying totally on tax dollars. We think that can work here too. Superintendent Dr. C. Gregory Hoover will host a meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 13 in the middle school library to explore the possibility of a capital campaign for the stadium and track work.

We encourage everyone to get behind such a campaign. Working together on something like this can only bring a community closer. We’ve seen great support for the athletic endeavors of the young people of our community. We believe the citizens will show that same support with their dollars, above and beyond the taxes they already pay.