EDITORIAL: An answer will be found

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Kudos to the Antrim Township Supervisors for being persistent and working together to find possible solutions to the safety issue at the intersection of Hykes Road and Williamsport Pike. It’s already a safety problem and the fear is that once Norfolk Southern builds its terminal and closes Milnor Road, traffic will increase on the intersection to the south.

Chairman Sam Miller has long wanted improvements to the intersection. While there have been some roadblocks in the past, Miller has gotten Norfolk Southern to listen. And there is optimism that the company would be willing to help with improvements.

Further discussions among the supervisors brought to the front a couple of possible solutions. Both Rick Baer and Fred Young had ideas that Miller and Curtis Myers felt merited further study. The supervisors have asked the township engineers to look into the feasibility of the suggestions.

Leadership and cooperation are usually key components to accomplishment. We don’t know what the right solution to this issue is yet, but as long as everyone stays focused and is striving to work together we are hopeful that an answer will be found.