EDITORIAL: Rivalry turns ugly

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Rivalry in the realm of athletic competition is something special — or at least it should be. The preparation for competition with a tival takes on an extra special effort. The contest itself usually brings out the best in both competitors no matter what their records were coming into the event. The outcome is all the more sweet for the competitor who comes out on top. But usually both opponents will find a sense of accomplishment in such an intense competitive situation.

With all the good things that come with a rivalry, it’s particularly sad to see the ugliness that happened Friday night at the Greencastle-Antrim High School gymnasium. The Blue Devil mascot was attacked by two students from the opponent’s school. There is absolutely no excuse for this behavior — rivalry or not.

Some may say that it was just a teenage prank, not meant to hurt anyone. But someone was hurt. Some may say that it was harmless fun. But someone was harmed. Some may say that it was just two individuals involved, so it was isolated. But don’t we all take some responsibility in the actions of the youth of our society.

We don’t want to overreact, but shouldn’t we all be concerned when our young people think that such violence is OK. We’re also sure that most of those young people would not engage in such behavior. However, this incident is a good reminder for all of us to present a good example. Enjoy the contest. Cheer for your own team. Thank your opponent for a good competition.