EDITORIAL: ‘Let sleeping dogs lie’

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

There is an old adage that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That is what we are thinking on the issue of police presence in downtown Greencastle. Apparently others are thinking the same way.

Along with other downtown Greencastle businesses, we received a notice in our mail slot last week that asked us to attend Monday’s borough council meeting to “request and appreciate the visibility of police foot patrols on the streets.”

We certainly “appreciate” police foot patrols. But, we’re not sure of the need to “request” something that to our observation is already adequately happening. And apparently that is the feeling of other business people as well.

The two business owners who did go to the meeting to address the council, instead, spoke in support of what the police are already doing.

While the origin of the letter is dubious, we would rather just move on and hope the message has gotten through — “It’s best to let a sleeping dog lie.”