EDITORIAL: Thanks for giving

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

In a season of thanksgiving, the Greencastle-Antrim community experienced the passings last week of two men who deftly knew the meaning of the word “giving.” John Wine and Richard Besecker gave much to their community and we note their passings with sadness, but also with celebration — celebration of what they gave and the legacy that continues from their examples and their work here.

Another Old Home Week passed this summer and both Wine and Besecker played major roles in making the commemoration the success that it continues to be. Wine was a past president and his son Ed is now in line for the honor. Besecker was the heart and soul of the musical beat of the celebration. Now his son, Dave, and other students of Mr. “B” have taken on those duties.

We at the Echo Pilot have a soft spot when it comes to Mr. Wine. He was always complimentary of our efforts here and we very much appreciated that Mr. Wine went out of his way to share his feelings with us. It was encouraging and we will always remember his kindness.

Mr. Wine did much, to say the least, in his 88 years. He was a decorated war veteran and was active in veteran organizations. Mr. Wine was, as the post master for more than three decades, a man about town. And it was a town he was involved with on many levels, from scouting to the PTA to the library board and work at his church. These kinds of shoes cannot be filled.

Known to countless students as “Mr. B,” he brought a long and strong beating heart to the scholastic choral music program at Greencastle-Antrim High School. His stirring performances either through singing or directing at countless community events throughout the past half century, his gift of music to Greencastle-Antrim is forever embedded and will never be matched.

Both men gave much and the examples they left to the community, we hope, will last for a long time to come.