EDITORIAL: A job well done

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Success is sure to bring out the best and worst in people.

It’s easy, or it should be, to feel good about the accomplishments of the 2010 Greencastle-Antrim High School football team — a school-record, undefeated regular season; top seed in the playoffs; top defense in the mid-state; two 1,000-yard runners — the list could go on and on. Certainly the community has rallied around the team and taken in a full dose of pride.

And yet it seems that some are trying to get even more from the achievements than just a good feeling. Police have reported that two people were going door-to-door last week in a Greencastle neighborhood selling bogus lottery tickets which they said would benefit the football team. No such legitimate campaign has been found.

While this development is a shame, we can’t let it spoil what this season has meant to the players, coaches, school and community. Much like the conclusion of the season itself shouldn’t be dwelled upon. Despite the disappointment of Friday’s loss and the end of the dream season, all should take heart in the season that these student-athletes put together.

One setback is not a reason to forget all the good things or to hang the game on. One fumble, one dropped pass, one call by a coach or official, one missed block or tackle — are all just one and in most cases there are opportunities to overcome it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. And in the end adversity almost always makes you stronger.

In years to come all that should be remembered are the accomplishments of this team. We know we will. Congratulations Blue Devils on a job well done!