Progress has been made

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

We’ve taken Borough of Greencastle officials to task in the past about the indecision that existed concerning sidewalks and a policy to determine where the walkways are needed and when they need to be repaired. Mostly we’ve been discouraged by the flimsy ordinance that it appeared was either not fullproof or officials were not willing to enforce.

Last week the borough’s Public Safety Committee finally presented a recommended policy. While we’ve complained that the process was taking too long, we also now are impressed with the amount of work the committee did to come up with its plan. While the jury is still out on the policy that has been recommended, the committee certainly went to a lot of effort.

As we have stated here before, there will be lots of different reactions to whatever plan was developed and we certainly expect that now that a policy is on the table. There is no way to please everyone on this issue. We do urge citizens to have an open mind and consider the proposal as a whole and what will be best for Greencastle.

Craig Myers, Public Safety Committee chairman, stated in his presentation that the proposed policy “gives a firm base to make Greencastle a walkable community.” It is up to the council and citizens to decide if creating a walkable community is a priority.

Even though there has already been much said about the issue of sidewalks in Greencastle, we know there will be much more and we encourage that. We are very pleased that there has finally been movement on the issue. Let’s make sure we keep it rolling.