Keep the band in the game

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Kudos to the widening of Franklin County football rivalries. Greencastle-Antrim and Chambersburg will meet on the gridiron for the first time Friday, Sept. 3 on Kaley Field. We can see only good things for both schools if the meetings continue through the years.

We wonder, however, if all the ramifications were considered of actually playing this first  game. We are sure the coaches will have the players ready. No problem there. We are also sure that the game will be of interest to many and put attendance over the top. We are not so sure that this is grounds to move the band from its traditional spot in the stands. The G-A administration has recommended the band move to temporary bleachers in the endzone.

It is likely that the band could consolidate and take up less space at its traditional location, making more room for students or the public in that area. However, this is true of the rest of the stands too. Fans should be encouraged to sit as closely as possible to make room for as many as possible.

Temporary stands would be a good solution to a large crowd, however, moving the band there is questionable. This removes the band from the rest of the fans and the cheerleaders, all of which should be working together to root on the team.

All school activities should be aimed at, of course, education, but also seek to enhance school spirit and camaraderie among the students. The accent here is on the students. We don’t think the public needs to be served in this case at the expense of any students.

The band boosters group has objected to the plan, but did so only through an unsigned letter. We suggest a face-to-face meeting with the administration.

In the end, perhaps a deal could have been reached to hold the game at the much larger Trojan Stadium in Chambersburg.