Keep the memories going

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Greencastle was a very quiet place Sunday. The usual church hours passed. Tony’s was hopping as usual and Food Lion was busy as residents restocked for the upcoming week. But mostly our hometown was pretty placid, even for a Sunday. The calm was a stark contrast to the revelry that had exuded in the town for the seven days previous.

Old Home Week 2010 is now history. Or is it?

The banners that graced the stage that was built in the square for the 37th triennial celebration were removed Sunday, however most of the decorations are still hanging with a message of welcome. Most storefronts hosted historical displays and even though there aren’t many people on the sidewalk looking, the exhibitions are still in place. Many photos were taken and sit on digital memory cards, but the screen in the window of the headquarters in the Conn Building of Tower Bank is still playing. Chairs and tables are now folded up inside the makeshift headquarters, but results are still posted on the window of those who took their shot during the competitions of the week. The Boy Scouts have torn down most of the concession area on the square that was their base for the week as they offered food to the crowds of people downtown, but hopefully their coffers are full to carry out their charge with the youth of our community for a long time to come. Waste Management trash containers still line the square, reminding us that the company donated those services to the community.

Yes, there are still a few tangible items remaining of the celebration just past. Soon enough all the visible reminders of the triennial launched more than a century ago by Phillip Baer will be gone. One thing will remain forever. And it’s perhaps the very thing that has kept the unique celebration going for more than 100 years. It’s the memories.

We all made new memories. Whether it was the pageant, the parade, the fireworks or a reconnection with an old friend, each memory made is precious and should be cherished because this kind of celebration doesn’t happen too many places in this world. We should embrace them and use them to keep the spirit of Old Home Week going until we all meet again whether it be tomorrow, next Sunday on the quiet Greencastle square or in 2013 for another homecoming.