'Growing Our Legacy'

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Fifty years ago then-editor and publisher of the Echo Pilot, G. Fred Ziegler, was waging a battle to centralize the location of a proposed Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library. Each week at the top of the masthead of the Echo Pilot read the words, “A Prominent Central Site for the Besore Memorial Library!”

In the fall of 1962, when the school board awarded a contract for the construction of the library at the corner of Ridge Avenue and East Baltimore Street, Ziegler declared that the board has “completely ignored expert criteria for suitable library location.” He went on to avow that “to build the Besore library on this off-center site is to rob it of much of its potential usefulness and at the same time deprive the town’s business district of what all communities except Greencastle regard as an important civic asset.”

With all due respect to Mr. Ziegler, we are glad that his words didn’t come true. Some half century later we see a vibrant library and we don’t think the business district has suffered with the library three blocks from Center Square. And now it’s time to give the library a boost toward its next 50 years.

The library board has launched a capital campaign to raise $1.2 million by 2012 in order to make major improvements to the aging building. We urge everyone to consider giving to this worthy cause. The theme of the campaign is “Growing Our Legacy: Building on the Past to Create Our Future.” We think that despite his misgivings, “G. Fred” would be proud of our library today. And we believe he would support the plans to upgrade the facility. We encourage all to be part of growing this legacy.