Showing respect

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

It is often said that to be respected you have to show respect.

The Jerome R. King Playground Association certainly has done its part to demonstrate respect for our Greencastle-Antrim community. The association board is charged with maintaining the playground that began in 1923. And that is a task that the board has done extremely well for the past 87 years. It has developed and preserved a special recreational asset to this community.

While the majority of Greencastle-Antrim’s residents do respect the playground and what it provides the community, a minority of people have no idea what the word respect means. Restrooms were destroyed last year and recently the board has asked for stepped up police patrols and has banned some individuals from the facility. Just two weeks ago the bandshell was spruced up for Old Home Week with a fresh coat of paint and was vandalized within two days. Some pay no attention to rules at the playground or follow any kind of common courtesy, making a happy place instead, a scary place.

We don’t begin to understand those who would wantonly destroy any part of such a treasure in our community or those who would make the atmosphere at the playground anything less than enjoyable. Again, we understand that the problem is just a few people and we endorse the proactive stance the board has taken on the matter.

William P. Conrad said in his book Conococheague A History of the Greencastle-Antrim Community: “An asset of immeasurable value, growing from the initial donation of land by David D. King, the Jerome R. King Playground stands today as one of the leading recreational centers of the Cumberland Valley and a continuing source of pride for the people of the community.”

Respect and pride go hand in hand. We can only continue to express our pride in our playground and hope that all grow in respect of the facility and what it provides our community.