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Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

In early July of 1960, then Echo Pilot editor G. Fred Ziegler lamented the lack of an Independence Day celebration in Greencastle. While he wasn’t looking for the frivolity and posturing of earlier celebrations, he did desire that the town mark its country’s independence in some way. There had not been an organized celebration of the Fourth of July since the mid-1910s.

Nine years ago after Bonnie Shockey wondered why the community didn’t have an Independence Day commemoration, a committee formed and the re-birth continues today. With a brutally hot, humid day Monday, the crowd may have been down a bit in numbers for the 2010 celebration, but that did nothing to swelter the spirit of those who did attend.

We think G. Fred would approve and would indeed encourage everyone in the community to partake of the event in 2011 and beyond. We believe that because of the words he penned in 1960 printed in the related item: