Citizens need to be given their say

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Echo Pilot first told the Greencastle-Antrim community last September about a very preliminary proposal for building renovations in our local school district that could cost $54 million. A facilities committee had developed the plan aimed at providing for the future needs of the school district. Since then a comprehensive plan has been developed by an engineering firm. The school board has been discussing the issue more and more, most recently as the board considered its 2010-2011 budget.

It’s time for the public to have its say. Yes, any citizen is welcome to the regular school board public meetings and work sessions. But we think a special public meeting is called for on this $54 million plan.

People are talking about the proposal and will certainly have suggestions for the board. This is an important issue, not only because of the current economy and what it could do to future tax rates, but because anything we do or don’t do affects the children. Certainly citizens should always be heard, but in this case the board needs to give citizens an open forum to air their opinions on such a massive proposal. Schedule a public meeting.