Wrap it up

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

We have addressed the issue of curbs and sidewalks in the Borough of Greencastle many times during the past few years in this editorial space. This week we considered reprinting one of the several previous editorials urging the Borough Council to make a decision because, unfortunately, nothing has changed.

The issue has lingered for several years and we have to say, yes one more time, that it’s time to make a decision. Borough officials have gone above and beyond during early 2010 in giving everyone a chance to state a position on the issue. It’s hard to imagine that there’s anything more to say on the issue.

On Feb. 11 a plan to finalize the issue was promised within 60 days. We haven’t seen it yet and certainly hope it’s forthcoming at the June 7 meeting.

Of course, the final decision will not please everyone. There will be praise from some; criticism from others. But isn’t that true with most issues?

At the risk of sounding redundant; let’s wrap this thing up.