Help your library

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Lilian S. Besore Memorial Library is a busy place every day. It is truly a magnet for Greencastle and Antrim Townhip residents, with many programs and services available for all ages. Not every operational expense is covered by county or state funding, though. Therefore, when an opportunity arises to raise extra funds for services dedicated to local patrons, the library staff and volunteer support group Friends of the Library jumps right in.

A huge book sale will be held May 10 to 15, and everyone is urged to stop in to browse the selections and walk out with a full bag of books and other items.

Also, anyone with some free time is encouraged to help out with the preliminary work on May 6. That’s the day the library needs volunteers to move the books from storage to the Children’s Room in another basement. The more the merrier, and the task can be completed in no time with any extra hands. Sign up at the library now so they know who to expect.

Who knows, you just might spot that book you have been dying to read.