Time to tidy up

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The following editorial ran in the April 18, 1935 edition of the Echo Pilot:

“Old Home Week has always proved a special incentive in encouraging property owners of Greencastle to beautify their premises. Even in the depression year of 1932 there was a surprising amount of repairing and repainting in the months just prior to the 11th triennial.

“This year there is still more reason to observe the time honored custom. Council is leading the way by trying to have the main street beautified in time for Old Home Week. Many citizens have already taken advantage of improved conditions by making repairs that they had been obliged to postpone. There is a more cheerful spirit everywhere.

“So why not let Clean-Up Week extend from now until Old Home Week? Why not follow up next week’s usual activities with  really concentrated effort on the part of all individuals and organizations to make Greencastle — and Antrim — a better and brighter place to live in? The eyes of the world, as well as of the old boys and girls, will be on this community next August, and it’s a grand excuse for a little preliminary face lifting.”

In 1935 Greencastle officials had set April 25 as Clean-Up Day in the borough. As pointed out, economic times were not good, but people made an extra effort for the homecoming celebration.

In 2010 Old Home Week will again be celebrated and again it’s a “grand excuse” for some extra clean-up in spite of our modern economic woes. There are several efforts afoot toward that very goal. The Greencastle Beautification Committee is planning some clean-up efforts and the  Borough of Greencastle will conduct its annual bulky item collection from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday, May 7 and from 7 to 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 8.  Bulky items will be collected at the borough maintenance facilities located at 40 West Mifflin Lane.

Let’s all make an effort to put our best foot forward for the coming edition of Old Home Week and tidy up our community.