Hearing from the people

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Kudos to a group of Greencastle residents who approached the Borough Council this week to ask for help on behalf of those who cannot ask themselves — that the borough adopt an ordinance that provides for the “proper restraint, shelter, protection and care” for dogs. It doesn’t matter how you feel about the subject, the fact that the group cared enough to get together and approach a governmental body is impressive.

These people were moved by the plight of one dog and instead of turning their heads they have taken action in a very positive way.

Like many issues, this one will have those in favor and those against. Some will look to the rights of the owner. And those who appeared to the council feel that a community should be involved in taking care of the animals who live there too. They don’t feel that current animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania are enough and they want their community to be on the forefront of taking more action.

A so-called anti-tethering law was introduced in Harrisburg five years ago, however there’s been no movement. It not only provides regulations for restraint of dogs, but specifies shelter, protection and care standards. The local group knew of just one municipality in Pennsylvania, Hazleton, that has taken upon itself to make its own law.

Greencastle officials will need to do some legal research on the issue, but they have heard from the people and that’s important.