Haunted or hoax: it’s something to talk about

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

There’s nothing like a good ghost story to get tongues wagging, especially in a small town.

Ghost or no ghost, haunted or hoax, the photo taken by someone at the Greencastle VFW sure has people talking. Some idle curiosity led to the ghost hunting by two young men that night. The man who worked there had, however, heard rumors for years that the place was haunted. This night they decided to check it out.

The pair didn’t see anything on the second floor. They had snapped a few photos, but returned to the first floor thinking the search had come up empty. Still, they decided to look at the pictures.

Now one of the photos is circulating around town with what appears to be an apparition. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a believer or not. Just a glance at the photo and it strikes you as some sort of specter. If nothing else it’s fun to talk about. And that’s just what people are doing.

The image has of course made it to the internet. Real or fake, the photo has caused a stir in our town. And it’s OK to find a diversion from the usual everyday challenges of the world now and then. A little excitement rarely hurts anyone.