Spring bound to come

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot
This huge icicle has survived the recent warmer temperatures. Since it goes to the ground it’s not a dangerous one for walking near, but will likely leave some damage to the gutter and downspout.

Despite the warmer weather we’ve been experiencing, ice and snow is still around. Snow piles will be with us for quite awhile. Snow on roofs is melting some. Melting and refreezing has made quite an ice show and created ice dams in gutters and some treacherous-looking icicles. While most of those have taken a fall, many spouting and gutters are still taking a beating from ice. Clearing snow and ice from roofs, gutters and spoutings is not an easy task.

Experts advise against climbing on your roof to remove snow. But there are some things you can do to make sure that when the snow melts it can get to the ground. If you can, shovel at the bottom of the downspouts so the flow of water is free.

As far as ice in gutters and down spouts, it’s a tough task to do any removal. It’s difficult to remove the ice without doing damage.

While it’s too late this season, there is an option for other winters. eHow.com points to    refillable ice dam socks as a solution. The Web site says such socks filled with non-staining ice melt can “break ice dams in minutes by creating ice channels to drain water. Ice dam socks remove ice dams to prevent water damage to ceilings, windowsills, wood floors and carpets.”

Above all you need to keep monitoring the situation and stay alert. Sagging ceilings, new cracks in plaster and creaking, popping or cracking noises can mean a coming roof collapse. You should, of course, leave immediately and call a roofing professional.

Patience in another tactic. Spring is bound to come sometime.