Thanks to all the ‘good snow samaritans’

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Yes, we’ve had lots of snow this winter. And that fact brings out a lot of different emotions in people. We realize that all the emotions are not necessarily good, but we think most are. Don and Marjorie Leyh of Shinham Road in Antrim Township recently reminded us of that.

The Leyhs related that Marjorie happened to look out her window last Wednesday and noticed a huge tractor/snowblower exiting their driveway. The operator had used his time, equipment and fuel to clear the Leyh’s driveway. He also had done the same for at least three driveways in the neighborhood. He did the job and was quickly gone.

We are sure that many neighborhoods in the Greencastle-Antrim area are blessed with these types of “good snow Samaritans,” as the Leyhs put it. Sometimes we can’t even put a name to the Samaritan. The Leyhs think the name of their snow angel was Paul.

So to all the Pauls in our community, thanks for your generosity. Your actions are another one of those things that makes Greencastle-Antrim the great place it is.