Take it as it comes

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

A robin was seen along Washington Street in Greencastle last week. It probably wasn’t the first robin seen in the area during 2010. And maybe robins are sticking around our climate more now. We understand some robins winter as far north as southern Canada these days. So seeing one in February around here isn’t that unusual.

Apparently the robin in question doesn’t have a problem with a snowy winter. We’ve certainly had our share recently and this feathered friend has seen the brunt of it. It’s interesting to gauge people’s reaction to winter weather. We do live in a climate that has four definitive seasons so we should expect snow, sleet, ice and cold weather.

The snow certainly doesn’t bring a smile to everyone’s face. Kids are usually all for it whether it means a day off school or not. Playing in it is what being a kid is all about. Adults certainly aren’t as excited about the white stuff. It can cause lots of inconvenience. Snow can be a boon to some businesses, but hurt others.

Certainly this winter will be one to remember. It might not be a record, but memorable just the same. The bottom line is snow or no snow we have to take what comes; just like the robin. Or else move to another climate.