Not the right time

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

It appears that it’s just not the right time for the Greencastle-Antrim community to have a school resource officer.

Despite the acquisition of a grant that would have partially funded the position for several years before the cost fully fell on local shoulders, the powers that be weren’t able to come to a concensus on the need or for the funding of such a position. As with many things right now the economics of it are a problem.

There is no doubt that the position would be of value to the community. And of course we could always use another person in our schools to not only police behavior, but to be a positive example and presence there.

Many have pointed out the advantages of having a school resource officer. Citizen Felicia Hollingshead was the latest to do so Monday evening on a night that the Greencastle Borough Council decided to turn down the grant. Hollingshead made many valid points about the positive things a school resource officer could bring to our schools.

Few could argue that the position would be a good addition to the schools, however the technical issues couldn’t be worked out this time. Again, it appears this just isn’t the right time for a school resource officer.

It would be nice to think that we would sometime in the future not see a need for a school resource officer, but that’s unrealistic. So while this may not be the right time, we hope it’s an idea that remains on the burner somewhere.