A weighty issue

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

A group of Franklin County officials and citizens has a weighty job to tussle with over the next few months. Hopefully the difficult job will prove its merit and efficiency.

The Franklin County Tax Collection Committee bylaw development segment was on the table in Antrim Township last week. The bylaw committee met in the township building to begin an arduous task of drawing up rules for the operation of the to-be-consolidated Earned Income Tax collection agency for all of Franklin County.

The idea appears to be a good one — having just one EIT collecting agency instead of one for each municipality and school district.

Our Greencastle-Antrim area was well represented at the meeting by Arnie Jansen, president of the school board, and former school district business manager Bill Needy. Each made some prudent comments to the committee.

One contentious issue that arose was if the group should make provisions for seeking  a competitive tax collection agency.

The bylaws panel spent a lot of time deciding how the 25 large and small entities could work fairly together to the benefit of all the taxpayers.

We wonder if not making provisions for the collection agency to be competitive for selection is a good idea. Why not do it? Certainly the Chambersburg Wage Tax Bureau does a fine job for its clients that in addition to Chambersburg, include Greene, St. Thomas and Mercersburg, and would likely be high on the list of possible agencies that could do the job. Still it seems more of a fair market decision to at least open the possibility that others could vie for the duties.

"I want the best bang for my buck," Needy told the group.

We thank Needy and Jansen for looking out for our area.

The full committee will vote next month on the bylaws, which are due in Harrisburg in April.