Supervisors need input

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Antrim Township officials need to know what citizens of the municipality want in the area of law enforcement.

The subject of the township establishing a police force has been tossed around for years. There is money in the township’s coffers to the tune of $600,000 for such a service. However, the current spending plan being considered for 2009 does not increase the fund.

It’s also not clear whether township supervisors will keep the money set aside as an earmark for police services. There has also been discussion that money in the capital reserve fund could be rechanneled to law enforcement.

Supervisors have heard from both backers and those who don’t support a police force in the township.

If you are a citizen of Antrim Township consider the poll on the front page of this edition. Your participation will help township officials know where you stand. Also take the time to contact your supervisors and tell them what you think.