A guardian angel

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

Peggy McQuitty is a dog lover. But she doesn’t just use that affection on her own two pooches. She has been a guardian angel of sorts for Greencastle’s new police dog Rony.

Peggy does not live in Greencastle. But she does reside nearby in the village of Williamson. She makes occasional trips to the borough. That’s how she got to know Rony.

When she found out that Rony needed a bulletproof vest and there was no money in the borough’s budget for it, Peggy didn’t just wonder and worry. She went into action and the community has responded.

A fund was started by the retired Waynesboro Hospital worker to outfit Rony with a potentially life-saving vest. Recently donations reached high enough to purchase the vest.

Peggy wouldn’t want us to bring attention to her efforts. She just wanted Rony to be as safe as possible. She is, however, to be commended for her sensitivity and action.

Those who donated can also take solace that their support is making police life safer for a valuable four-legged friend. Thanks should also go to the anonymous contributor who got the whole K-9 program going with the donation of Rony.

This joint effort is clear evidence that people of this community act when they see a need and are generous to meet it. Thanks to all.