Keep seeking answers

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors did the right thing in getting a lot of answers before putting a seal of approval on the massive project planned in the southcentral area of the township. And there are still lots of questions to be asked.

The regional intermodal facility in the area of Exit 3 of Interstate 81 proposed by Norfolk Southern and the industrial development planned by Atapco is something the township will have to live with forever. No doubt the project will create jobs. The need for jobs in this economy is a no brainer. It’s also a carrot that is normally dangled with projects like this. And there are also many other impacts to the community to consider.

Supervisors have questioned a number of issues, issues that will change the way people in the township live everyday. Milnor Road will be essentially closed under the plan. Through traffic will have to find a new route, increasing the use of other roads. A bridge will be added to Hykes Road which leads to the question of maintenance of such a structure. Who will own the split Milnor and the new bridge? An increase in traffic on U.S. 11 and Commerce Avenue also seems likely and will be yet another change in the daily lives of Greencastle-Antrim residents.

Certainly the projects are terrific for economic development and were inevitable with the location next to Interstate 81. Franklin County has been dealing with the effects of an interstate highway ever since 81 was placed right down the middle of the county in the 1960s. The projects will also change the face of that part of Antrim Township forever.

Following a meeting last week supervisors voted 4-1 to approve a letter of support for the project. There are many questions still be to asked and issues to be addressed. Keep seeking answers.