Lots going on....

Staff Writer
Echo Pilot

There is a lot going on in Greencastle-Antrim — things that we all should be investigating and giving our input on. Just check out the front page of this newspaper and you’ll see.

Your school district officials will soon be contemplating a renovation project that is considerable. The price tag being looked at right now is $54 million. Surely this is an issue that will need lots of public input.

An idea that sprang from the renovation discussions is also coming to the table — that is the possibility of combining the secondary library in the school district with the community Besore Library. That would mean one library location for the schools and community on the school campus. Interesting possibilities and certainly one that the community will have some feelings about.

The citizens of the State Line area are facing the very possible future of not having a community park. Members of the Ruritan Club are making a call for help to maintain the facility and avert closing the park. We hope the citizens of the village will heed the call and preserve the recreational hamlet.

Let your voices be heard and your actions be felt.