ATMA won’t act on Antrim agreement


H. Duane Kinzer returned to Antrim Township Municipal Authority Aug. 25 seeking its blessing on a 1981 agreement between Century Inc. and Greencastle Area Franklin County Water Authority. He wanted recognition that water service to his undeveloped property in the township would still be available through the borough’s water system.

The latest agreement between Antrim and GAFCWA on allowing Greencastle to provide water in the township expired in June 2010 and was not renewed by the board of supervisors.

Kinzer had brought up the matter in June. GAFCWA wanted evidence that the pact had been made, he said, since it was drawn up before Antrim owned a water system.

“It’s part of planning a street,” Kinzer said. “We hope to start construction in the near future.”

ATMA solicitor Linus Fenicle advised Chad Murray, Bob Coladonato, Rodney Eberly and Dale Hostetter not to make any formal decision, since the agreement did not affect them. Murray said he had tried to organize a meeting with the supervisors, but it didn’t work out with summer schedules. He still planned to set that up to talk about it.

Kinzer asked that ATMA pass a resolution that no well drilling take place in the township without permission. Murray said they had already looked into that issue.

“It’s a very valid point, and it’s good to hear it from the public, too,” he said.

ATMA also approved a notice of intent to award contracts for the screw press project at the wastewater treatment plant. Hannah Stewart, GHD engineer, said the totals for general contractor, electric, HVAC and plumbing came to just over $1.1 million. The board also formalized the agreement with GHD for construction observation services, not to exceed $35,000.