Heraty to lead Antrim Township supervisors in new year


The Antrim Township Board of Supervisors reorganized on Jan. 6, naming Pat Heraty chairman for 2014. John Alleman was elected vice chairman.

A number of appointments were made: Planning Commission, Joel Wenger and Delbert Myers; treasurer, Jennifer Becknell; assistant treasurer, Brad Graham; secretary, Becknell; Antrim Township Municipal Authority, Rick Baer; Park Committee, Kristy Lagoe, Nate Bacon and Jonathan Ott; and Zoning Hearing Board, Rodney Zeger.

Professional services individuals and firms were hired, with rates generally remaining the same as in 2013. They included: township solicitor, John Lisko; Planning Commission solicitor, Deborah Hoff; Zoning Hearing Board solicitor, Eileen Finucane; ATMA solicitor, Linus Fenicle; and engineers Martin and Martin, Dewberry-Goodkind, P. Joseph Lehman, Buchart-Horn and GHD/CET.

The chairman of the Vacancy Board is Curtis Myers. James Byers and Heraty were authorized to be voting and alternate delegates to the state convention. Officials were approved to be paid $50 per day to attend seminars and conventions.

The board assigned supervisors to various committees. They were - Parks, Heraty; EMS/Fire and Police, Alleman; Intergovernmental and Joint Venture, Byers and Heraty; Roads, Baer and Byers; Economic Development, Heraty and Fred Young III;  Personnel, Byers and Heraty; Greencastle-Antrim Chamber of Commerce, Young; Greencastle-Antrim Area Development Corporation, Graham; Franklin County Emergency Services Alliance, Graham and Alleman; Franklin County Council of Governments delegate and alternate, Graham and Young; Citizens Advisory, Baer and Young; Finance, Young and Heraty; Building Renovation, Alleman and Heraty; Joint Water, Alleman and Baer.

The Sewage Enforcement Officers are Jon Piper, Ami Myers and William Bruck.

The supervisors designated Susquehanna Bank as the depository for township funds. Mileage for employees using personal vehicles was set at 56 cents per mile. Rental rates for park pavilions were established at $50 for large and $25 for small. The $1,750 township funded medical/wellness reimbursement benefit for employees and supervisors was reaffirmed. Wage increases were set at 1.5 percent.

Final appointments were representative and alternate to Franklin County Area Tax Board, Becknell and William Needy; rep and alternate to Franklin County Tax Collection Committee, Needy and Becknell.