Antrim auditors elect officers


With two new people on board, incumbent Bill Needy was unsure of the proper Robert’s Rules of Order to establish leadership for the elected Antrim Township Board of Auditors at the annual organizational meeting Jan. 7. Nevertheless, with input from Antrim administrator Brad Graham, a formal procedure was followed, and officers are in place for 2014.

Frank Klink, elected to a six year term, and Dianne Smith, appointed to complete two years of a term, toyed with the idea of electing Needy as chairman because of his experience. He replied that he would like to continue as secretary.

“That’s the working part of the whole thing. I didn’t want to put that on you.”

Klink said he had served in both roles in other organizations.

“I have a preference. I prefer not to be secretary.”

The three voted Klink in as chairman, Smith as vice chairman and Needy as secretary.

One responsibility of the board is to set wages for supervisors who work for the township. Since several serve as second call snowplow operators, the auditors set the hourly rate of pay at $20.50, the same as last year. Mileage for supervisors using personal vehicles for township business remained at 56 cents per mile. Graham said the supervisors were always encouraged to use a township vehicle first.

The auditors waived payment of $10 per hour for the meeting, as was past practice.

The next meeting was set for Jan. 6, 2015.

They indicated they would visit the office when the hired accounting firm, Boyer and Ritter, was on site for the annual audit.