Need a cool, quiet escape? Check out this mountain lake within an easy drive in central PA

Paul Kuehnel
York Daily Record

Not far from Chambersburg, York and Hanover, you can find Long Pine Run Reservoir in Adams County is a refreshing escape from the summer heat in the heavily wooded rolling green hills of Michaux State Forest.

According to the history of the Borough of Chambersburg Water Department, the 150-acre reservoir storing 1.78 billion gallons of water was created in the 1960s to supplement the borough's water supply.

Today, the lake offers access to hiking and boating through two intersecting gravel roads accessible from Route 233. A large parking area for boaters is at the southern end of the lake, and numerous access trails and pull-off parking spaces surround the lake via MIlesburn and Birch Run roads.

Need a place to relax? This is looking from the northern end of the Long Pine Run Reservoir dam across its 150-acre lake. The reservoir was created in the 1960s by the Borough of Chambersburg Water department to increase the water supply to the borough.

The gift of Long Pine Run Reservoir is the undeveloped beauty of pulling off of Route 233 and winding your way up a gravel road to a random patchwork of unmarked pull-offs and shore access trails waiting for you to explore.

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On the northern side of the lake, a spur of Birch Run Road to the dam is cut off to vehicles, but a three-quarter-mile hike will take you to the dam. Once at the dam, you can cross the top on a road to see a large spillway and climb a rocky outcrop that overlooks the lake. Abigail Trail can also be reached from this pedestrian-access point.

A pine forest leads you along a trail that accesses the edge of the reservoir from Birch Run Road.

A sign on the gate to the dam says no wading, camping, swimming, picnicking or ice skating. The area is closed from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

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The Long Pine Run Reservoir is 35 minutes from Chambersburg via Route 30 to Route 233 then left on Milesburn Road, 1 hour and 17 minutes from York via Route 234 and 1 hour from Hanover via Routes 116 and 30.

This is looking across a rocky section of the shore of Long Pine Run Reservoir near the spillway.

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