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The following Greencastle-Antrim High School students received scholarships and awards at the end of the 2019-20 academic year:

*** Scholarships and other awards ***

Charles R. White Scholarship, awarded to a senior pursuing a degree in the field of science - Rebekah Duvall

Mr. and Mrs. Duane Kinzer (in honor of their son, Eric Kinzer) award a $1,000 scholarship to an outstanding student in the learning support program who has pursued academic excellence in all subject areas and was chosen not only for high academic standards, but also for having high moralistic values - Brittany Starliper

The ESS Scholarship, a $1,000 award given to a senior with high academic achievement entering the field of education - Kaley Barnhart

White Pine School Committee Scholarship presented to a student pursuing post-secondary education - Julie Zima

JLG Scholarship, a $1,500 scholarship awarded to a graduating senior of an employee of Oshkosh Corp. - Kaitlin Measell

M&T Bank Award to a senior entering a four-year program in the field of business - Thomas Oberholzer

Catherine Preisler-Cluck Memorial Scholarship established by the family of Catherine Preisler-Cluck and sponsored by Greencastle-Antrim Education Association in memory of the lives touched by Preisler-Cluck. The $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who will pursue a career in elementary education - Kaley Barnhart

Jim Thomas Scholarship, a $1,000 award by the G-A Education Foundation, given to a G-AHS senior who will pursue a two or four-year education at a college or trade school in a program for physical training, sports medicine or as an athletic trainer or personal trainer - Kaitlyn Measell

Dr. Robert Pascale Memorial Scholarship, awarded to a student pursuing a degree in education who has been a scholar and an athlete at G-AHS, presented by G-AEF - Elaina Furnish

Kathy Ann Daley Memorial Scholarship, an award established by her parents in memory of their daughter, who was killed in an automobile accident, and presented to a student seeking higher education - Lydia Story

Chambersburg Garden Club Scholarship, awarded to a senior going into the fields of horticulture, floriculture, landscape architecture, conservation, forestry, botany, agronomy, plant pathology, environmental control, city planning, land management and/or allied subjects - Thomas Oberholzer

John L. and Cora I. Grove Endowed Scholarship will provide two, one-time $500 scholarships: one to a student pursuing a business major - Thomas Oberholzer; and one to a student pursuing a major in the arts - Patrick Rowland 

Ruth L. Rinehart Education Scholarship, awarded to a G-AHS graduating senior who is pursuing additional education after high school at a college, university or a trade technical school - Lydia Story

Award given by G-A Education Association, Nancy C. Martin Book Scholarship to a student entering a four-year college majoring in education - Ashley Noblit

Manitowoc Scholarship, a $1,000 award to graduating seniors of an employee of Manitowoc - Ashley Noblit, Mykaela Wyand and Daniel Miller

Sunnyway “Great Valu” Scholarship, a $1,000 award to a high school senior pursuing higher education - Rebekah Duvall

Questeq - Mark Stainbrook Memorial Technology Award, a $1,000 award given to a high school student pursuing higher education, who has demonstrated professionalism-service-leadership in community involvement and extracurricular activities - Lydia Story

Potomac Fish and Game Club Ladies Auxiliary, awarded to a senior who is pursuing higher education - Kaley Barnhart

Lioness Club Scholarship, a $2,000 award to a student entering a career in the medical field - Madison Meyers

Healthcare Scholarship by Waynesboro Hospital Auxiliary to a student entering a career in the medical field ($6,000) - Rebekah Duvall

Chambersburg Area Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship awards $1,000 each to students who live in the area served by Chambersburg Hospital services and who intend to enter a human health-related field - Patrick Rowland, Rebekah Duvall

Leadership Franklin County Youth Program acknowledges the following who completed the program and are graduating this year - Michaela Dougherty, Sam Reid

Patriot Federal Credit Union Scholarship awarded through the Franklin County Medical Center Foundation - Anna Strait

Leela Education Award given by Dr. Sajankila in memory of her mother and presented to a graduating senior for academic excellence. The student will receive a certificate and a cash award of $100. Physics - Logan Diller; chemistry - Rebekah Duvall; biology - Emma Paci

Shady Grove Ruritan Scholarship Award, a $500 award given to promote higher education - Kaley Barnhart

Matthew Anderson Scholarship, given by Greencastle Presbyterian Church to a senior in good academic standing who regularly participates in community service activities and is continuing his/her education - Rebekah Duvall

G-A Women’s Club Award, a $1000 scholarship to a student pursuing higher education - Julie Zima

G-A Endowment, a component of Summit Endowment, awards scholarships of $2,000 each to seniors pursuing a degree in a health care field - Rebekah Duvall, Kaitlin Measell, Patrick Rowland, Sarah Wink

Exchange Club Scholarship Award, a $1,000 scholarship presented to each student planning to further his/her education in a child-related career - Rebekah Duvall, Elaina Furnish

Franklin County Society of Farm Women Award to a student showing sincere interest and diligence in the field of family and consumer science - Delaney Fulfer

National Technical Honor Society, an honor distinction awarded to students for achieving high academic standing at both Franklin County Career and Technology Center and their home school - Emma Trobaugh

Mountainview Reclamation/Citizen advisory Committee of Antrim and Montgomery Township Scholarship Award, a $1000 scholarship given to each of these graduating seniors who are residents of the G-ASD - Lydia Story Patrick Rowland, Morgan Burleson, Logan Diller, Rebekah Duvall

American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Award to a student enrolling in higher education - Taylor Petrunak

Greencastle Veterans of Foreign Wars award, recognizing participants in the Voice of Democracy competition. This year the theme was “Why is it Important to Vote?” First place - Blake Dixon; second place - Kiersten Gorman; third place - Ashley Widder

Sons of the American Legion Post 373 Award to a student pursuing higher education - Taylor Petrunak

Ethel I. (Hoover) Oyler Elementary Education Scholarship to a Shippensburg University freshman majoring in elementary education with - Ainsley Kaiser

John L. and Cora I. Grove Schlolarship to a Shippensburg University freshman - Nicholas Pellegrino

Shippensburg University Scholarship for Outstanding Student to a Shippensburg University freshman - Allen Peterson 

1st Ed Credit Union Scholarship, a $1500 scholarship to a high school senior who is pursuing higher education and shows academic success, participates in extracurricular activities, and is involved in their community, pursuing higher education - Kaley Barnhart

*** Science Awards ***

Environmental Science – Sajel Sriram (8th grade), Shelby Zimmerman (8th grade), Madeline Eagler, Kyli Weishaar, Kenan Wu, Kaylee Papa, Jillian Carley, Madison Baine, Megan Gingrich, Mikayla Nunnelee, Hailey Hopkins

Environmental Science Honors – Ashley Widder, Ian Long, Luciana Cantu, Hana Slaughter, Erika Weaver

AP Environmental Science – Luke Montedoro

Elements of Chemistry – Lynelle Diller, Brandon Sidoli, Austin Tolbert, Kaece DeShong, Lorcan Wright, Sierra Holmes, Carson Sellers

Chemistry – Kavya Tiwary, Natalina Ciaverella, Renee Hawbaker, Luke Montedoro, Allie Morgan, Katrina Long, Parker Bruns, Emma Johnson, Brooke Sanders

Chem-Lab – Natalina Ciaverella, Parker Bruns

AP Chemistry – Learah Foreman

Anatomy and Physiology – Rebecca Duvall, Emma Paci, Gunner Valentine, Learah Foreman

Biology – Eliza Lombardi, Emily Kilcup, Ashlee Horst, Jaidyn Elyard, Hannah Boppe, Petyon Scott, Camron Mellott, Nicolas Lavilette, Justin Knable, Anderson Durniak

Biology Honors – Dalton Noblit, Cale Stover, Katelyn Baer, Aiden Blankenship, Ashley Ciucci, Adam Palmer, Kavya Tiwary

AP Biology – Emma Paci, Lydia Story

Physics – Daniel Miller, Blair Trueax, Naveen Thomas Ninan

Astronomy – Abby Grosh, Sarah Wink, Julia Baumgardner, Mikayla Bayarinas

*** World Language Achievement Awards *** 

French I – Luciana Cantu, Zoe Hepfer; French II – Christopher King, Chloe Markell

German I – Anna Ziebarth, Joshua Hagberg; German II – Shavani Maharaj, Mia Libby

German III – David Pittman, Kelsey Creager; German IV – Mariah Bingaman, Learah Foreman

Spanish I – Jillian Belleau, Renee Hawbaker, Danielle Horner, Adeline Kagarise, Blake Shodoan, Kavya Tiwary; Spanish II – Nina Bower, Grace Flynn, Ian Long, Emily Kilcup; Spanish III – Angela Avila, Abigail Cunningham, Naveen Thomas Ninan, Emma Paci; Spanish IV – Nicholas Pellegrino, Olivia Winslow; AP Spanish – Madison Kirkwood, Luke Montedoro

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica, an honor society sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. The purpose is to recognize high student achievement in Spanish and Portuguese and to promote a continuity of interest in Hispanic studies. This year there were 30 new members were honored for having completed at least level 3 of Spanish with a minimum of a 3.0 in Spanish I and II courses. There are 10 senior members graduating this year.

*** English Awards ***

Awards by the Exchange Club for achievement in English Language Arts: Grade 9 – Ian Long; Grade 10 – Madison Yates; Grade 11 – Madelyn Farland; Grade 12 – Emma Paci

English Department Awards: students who won the opportunity to have their plays performed at the Capitol Theater through the Annual Young Playwrights Festival - Katie MacIntyre Olivia McClure Sarah Wink. Olivia McClure won first place and Sarah Wink third place in the Capitol Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival.

*** Outstanding Social Studies Awards ***

U.S. History – Sydney Gentry, Kathryn Furnish, Gavin Reaves, Anzhalika Shmat, Anthony Jackson, Emma Burkett, Anna Woods, Caroline Zeis, Ashley Cucci, Austin Wyand, Austin Zeis

U.S. History Honors – Ana Cantu, Kendal Rohrer, Elika Weaver, Kavya Tiwary, Shavari Maharaj, Brendan Shadoan, Kadence Webb, Taylor Jones, Carter Reid, Grace Flynn, Karleigh Bubeck, Adeline Kagarise, Madison Shanholtz, Abigail Guthrie, Kendall Burleson, Benjamin Pierce, Zainab Spall, Julia Herrmann, Blake Shadoan, Emma Wert, Ashley Widder, Payton McCauley, Ellie Divelbliss, Jillian Belleau, Kiley Burkholder, Dalton Noblit, Kiersten Gorman, Shavani Maharaj, Mia Libby, Abigail Forrester, Abigail Stouffer, Kaden Nicarry, Alexis Kielek, Sydney Orndorff, Madison Henson

World History – Zane Coy, Katie MacIntrye, Maegan Wingert, Isabelle Kline, Eliza Lombardi, Madison Bush, Vincent Allen, Leena Sande, Katelyn Baer, Christian George, Ashlee Horst, Carter Wilt, Conner Rohm, Shavari Maharaj, Avery Parks

World History Honors – Morgan Hay, Marlee Richards, Anderson Durniak, Parker Bruns, Viktor Heffner, Hannah Russell, Emma Johnson, Gavin Davidson, Kristopher Leiboldt, Sheamus Toomey, Adam Palmer, Nathan Kirkwood, Katrina Long, Emma Bathgate, Brooke Sanders, Lauren Pool, Alicyn Swain, Emma Witmer, Mason Wolff, Madison Yates, Joseph Paci, Austin Simmons, Cale Stover, Jackson Zeis, Chloe Markell, Gracie Burgan, Larson Thomas, Clair Coons, Kelsey Creager, Jessica Redos

Civics – Madison Levreault, Allie Morgan, McKenzie Shatzer, Tim Ehko, Torrance Clark-Walton, Eliza Lombardi, Brayden Stouffer, Olivia Winslow, Jenna Powell, Kaitlyn Ritchey, Cameren Simons, Dylan Hervieux, Paul Phan, Paige Widder, Dylan Long, Hannah Stull, Mariah Bingaman

Economics – Taylor Appenzellar, Mariah Bingaman, Ryland Zimmerman, Emma Holter, Thomas Burk, Malachi Rhodes, Marlina Myers, Robert McCune, Beatricia Cain, Adam Root, Thomas Oberholzer, Paul Phan, Dylan Long, Peter Schemel, Levi Bingaman, Abby Zimmerman, Chloe Markell, Lydia Story, Lynelle Diller

Psychology – Joey Dupcavitch, Ana Cantu, Kaylyn Reines, Madison Webb, Colton Cummings, Clara Rivera, Ariana Bayko, Kristopher Leiboldt, Sydney Timmons, Anthony Fleagle, Madison Meyers

AP Psychology – Madison Bemisderfer, Morgan Burleson, Ainsley Kaiser, Lydia Story

AP U.S. Government and Politics – Madison Bemisderfer, Isabella Facchina, Thomas Burk, Morgan Hay, Logan Diller, Emma Paci, Ana Cantu, Andrew Jackson, Rebekah Duvall, Patrick Rowland, Gia DaSilva, Luke Montedoro, Madison Kirkwood, Emma Bathgate, Dominic Facchina, David Pittman, Jordan Rist, Sayge Wilhide, Levi Bingaman

AP European History – Peyton Barvinchack, Zakary Reynolds, Samuel Locicero, Kathleen Eberhardt, Brad Ocker, Joshua Hagberg, Naveen Thomas Ninan, Daniel Miller, Caroline Poole, Nathanael Mummert, Natalie Schmidt

*** Excellence in Math Awards ***

Geometry – Chloe Markell, Emilee Cabral, Madison Mullen, Ashley Widder, Madeline Eagler, Emily Kilcup, Emelia Stouffer (8th grade), Hunter Smiley (8th grade)

Algebra II – Karleigh Bubek, Grace Cessna, Adeline Kagarise, Joshua Wolff (8th), Sydney Barnes, Aiden Blankenship, Kendall Burleson, Carter Reid, Kadence Webb, Blake Shadoan, Emilee Cabral, Austin Lehman, Ian Long

Algebra III – Nicolas Lavilette, Larson Thomas, Natalina Ciaverella, Kelsey Creager, Weber Long, Katelyn Baer, 

Trigonometry – Kathleen Eberhardt, Dalton Noblit

Statistics – Mariah Bingaman, Carly Miller, Grant Fetterhoff, Braydon Stouffer, Adam Palmer, Jenna Powell, Owen Tytus

AP Statistics – Beatricia Cain, Logan Diller, Lydia Story, Kavya Tiwary

AP Calculus A/B – Renee Hawbaker, Luke Montedoro, Naveen Thomas Ninan, Bradley Ocker, David Pittman

*** Sports Awards ***

Nellie Fox Memorial Association Awards outstanding achievement award in memory of J. Nelson “Nellie” Fox, former all-star second baseman for the Chicago White Sox who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1993 -  Logan Diller

G-AMFA Scholarship to students who have dedicated countless hours of self-less volunteerism to advance youth sports and to encourage others to grow and excel in football and cheerleading without any personal gain or recognition. These students model courage, integrity, responsibility, leadership and compassion toward others - Brady Sperry, Ainsley Kaiser

G-A Quarterback Club Scholarship, a $1,000 scholarship to a senior football player pursuing higher education - Sam Reid

G-A Field Hockey Booster Club Scholarship, a $500 award to one graduating senior who has played field hockey for the last two years at G-AHS - Michaela Dougherty

Greencastle Soccer Booster Scholarship, a $500 award given to students who are team leaders on the field and off, with academic achievement, involvement in the community, and growth on the soccer field - Thomas Oberholzer, Elaina Furnish

E. Jerry Brooks Academic Excellence Award to senior student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher who have participated in at least two varsity sports and earned a minimum of three varsity letters during his/her high school career.  The student athlete must also possess good citizenship and sportsmanship: Robert McCune - Football/Track & Field; Peter Schemel - Cross Country/Track & Field; Taryn Parks - Cross Country/Track & Field; Daniel Miller - Cross Country/Track & Field; Kaitlyn Measell - Field Hockey/Track & Field; Ashley Noblit - Cross Country/Basketball/Track & Field; Elaina Furnish - Soccer/Track & Field; Allison Reitz - Field Hockey/Softball; Thomas Oberholzer - Soccer/Track & Field; McKenna Rakaczewski - Soccer/Basketball; Kiersten Widder - Field Hockey/Track & Field; Kylee Croskey - Volleyball/Softball; Micaela Dougherty - Field Hockey/Track & Field; Baylee Schaeffer - Volleyball/Softball; Harrison Coy - Soccer/Track & Field

Fackler-Hower PIAA Sportsmanship Award to outstanding male and female athletes who have demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship throughout their athletic tenure and made a great contribution to both their teams, as well as the school, both on and off the field - Elaina Furnish and Daniel Miller

*** Music and Art Awards ***

Richard Biesecker Scholarship, a $500 scholarship given to a senior who will graduate from the G-ASD with a desire to pursue a degree in music or fine arts at an accredited school - Kira Bosko

Samuel B. Forney Music Scholarship, a $5,000 annual award given to any G-AHS graduating senior who will be majoring in instrumental music at a four-year college, university or conservatory; selection based on instrumental music ability, versatility, dedication to, and student leadership within the instrumental music program at G-AHS who is in good academic standing - Brett Haney

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award inaugurated in 1974 with the consent of his widow shortly after this great jazz artist died in 1971. It honors the outstanding jazz musician at each high school - Daniel Miller

Director's Award for Band honors an outstanding senior from the high school band program - Kira Bosko

John Philip Sousa Band Award introduced in 1955 to honor the top student in the high school band. The award recognizes superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. It was created with the approval of Helen Sousa Albert and Priscilla Sousa, daughters of the famous composer and bandmaster - won by Brett Haney

Choral Director’s Award to students who go above and beyond the normal rehearsal/performance schedule. The award recognizes students who are cooperative, talented, trustworthy and participate in various performance groups - Tyson Horner, Delaney Fulfer

National School Choral Award, the highest honor for high school choral performers. The award recognizes the dedication and musical achievement of high school musicians across the nation - Zakary Reynolds, Hannah Ruffner

Art Club Most Valuable Members Award given to members who have attended and supported various art events throughout the year - Adele Tressler, Rebekah Brown, Carisma Dawson, Eliza Lombardi, Madalyn Farland