JLG adding jobs at State Line site

Joyce F. Nowell Gannett reporter

A manufacturer is increasing operations at one of its Franklin County locations, as well as expanding its workforce there by up to 35 jobs.

JLG Industries Inc., headquartered in Fulton County, is in the approval process with Antrim Township to expand the parking lot at its 15276 Molly Pitcher Highway location near State Line. That location is a research-and-development facility for new JLG and Jerr-Dan products, according to Richard Wright, JLG’s senior manager for global communications and community engagement.

Wright said the company, which designs, manufactures and markets access equipment, recently began to assemble some JLG products there as well.

“The parking lot is being expanded to accommodate additional team members working at this site, and to separate the team member parking from other activities, such as truck traffic making deliveries and shipping of finished products,” he said. “This will be a safety improvement by keeping pedestrians away from truck and material-handling equipment movement.”

Wright said the company expects to add 30 to 35 team members to support the additional assembly work at the location.

As part of the approval process with Antrim Township, a shared use trail (sidewalk) is being required along the U.S. 11 (Molly Pitcher Highway) road frontage of the building. Plans show the walkway will extend 560 feet.

Antrim Township Zoning Officer Sylvia House said the shared-use trail plans will present some attractive landscaping.

“This far exceeds our ordinance,” she said. “It’s gorgeous.”

The landscaping will be both functional and neighborly, Wright said.

“Even though our facilities exist within zoned commercial spaces, we recognize that our buildings are often adjacent to urban and rural residential real estate,” he said. “Incorporating landscaping creates natural borders for privacy and wildlife while beautifying the space. We want employees and neighbors to be proud of our outdoor space.”

JLG has one other Franklin County facility at 1080 Hykes Road, Greencastle, near the Molly Pitcher Highway building.

There are 160 employees at the Hykes Road location. With the expansion at the Molly Pitcher Highway facility, the 65-person workforce will grow to about 100, Wright said.

JLG Industries Inc., now an Oshkosh Corp. company, was founded in McConnellsburg by John L. Grove in 1969.