Supervisors concerned about people disobeying park signs

Shawn Hardy news@echo-pilot.com
Some people don't keep their dogs on leashes at Antrim Township Community Park despite signs like this one. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT

Mark Knepp of Marion takes his dog, Mya, a 7-month-old husky, for a walk at Antrim Township Community Park at least every other day.

As she always is, Mya was on a leash during their outing Wednesday morning. That's not the case with all owners and pets at the park.

"They can't read," Knepp said. "There are signs up there ... People say, 'Ah, but it's a good dog.' That's not the point."

The signs say "Leash curb and clean up after your dog. It's required by law." Also posted is information about dog waste that says it "is a threat to the health of our children, degrades our town, transmits disease."

It's not high season at the park, but its use — or rather misuse — was on the minds of township supervisors last Tuesday night. Discussion included dogs and parking and Rodney Eberly, park director, was asked to bring up those topics at a park committee meeting.

Pooches and parking 

Supervisor Pat Heraty, who walks his dog on a leash at the park, talked about encounters with unleashed dogs and their owners.

Some of the people who use the trails have no intention of keeping their dogs on a leash and under control, he said.

"Your voice is not control. Some people say, 'I am never putting a leash on my dog,'" Heraty said, noting he is worried about dog on dog violence.

He also told his fellow supervisors when he talks to owners about their unleashed dogs, some of their responses are profane.

"Isn't it sad we have to add 'sign pollution' for issues like this?" commented Brad Graham, township administrator, explaining this is important from a liability standpoint.

The defiance of people who park on the grass during sporting events despite signs also was brought up.

"It's frustrating grown men and women don't obey the signs," Heraty said.

Supervisor Rick Baer suggested more signs that say "No parking beyond this point." Adding parking provisions to the contracts of groups that use the parks for games and tournaments and towing offenders also were mentioned.