Emergency phone installed outside police department

Shawn Hardy news@echo-pilot.com
Greencastle Borough Councilmen Matthew Smith, left, and Larry Faight and Police Chief John Phillippy are shown with the new emergency phone outside the door of the police station. SHAWN HARDY/ECHO PILOT

As far as Greencastle Borough Councilman Matthew Smith is concerned, the new police department emergency phone has already paid for itself.

The first day it is was in place in early October, a woman seeking help after a domestic dispute in which her phone had been broken went to the police station after hours.

Thanks to the new emergency phone, she was able to call for assistance and a police officer returned to the station.

"If it was used once, it pays for itself," Smith said. "That shows the value right there."

All someone needs to do if they go to the police station and no one is there is press a button and they are connected with the Franklin County Emergency Dispatch Center.

"It's a worthwhile piece of equipment to keep the community safer," said John Phillippy, police chief.

"Hopefully it doesn't get used a lot, but it's good to know it is there," Smith said.

It cost about $1,500 to install the phone, which is located to the left side of the police department door along North Washington Street. Yellow and marked with the word "EMERGENCY," it is highlighted by a blue light.