Hurleys to serve mission with LDS in Idaho Falls

Hurley Auctions
Matt Hurley, owner of Hurley Auctions in Shady Grove, is pictured here with his wife Shannon and their six children. The Hurleys will begin serving a three-year mission in Idaho with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in late June.

Matt Hurley, founder of Hurley Auctions in Shady Grove, his wife Shannon and their six children have been called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to serve a three-year mission in the Idaho area.

“This came as quite a surprise,” Matt, 43, said.

In late June, the Hurley family will be relocating to Idaho, where Matt and Shannon will oversee and be responsible for 150 young missionaries.

“We have been so blessed over the years and we hoped to someday have an opportunity to serve a mission after we retired, we just weren’t expecting it right now,” Matt explained.

In his absence, Matt has asked Marjorie Hartman of Fort Myers, Florida, to lead the company headquartered on Buchanan Trail East between Waynesboro and Greencastle.

Previously from Chambersburg, Hartman has been with the company for over 18 years. She has conducted, coordinated and participated in over 3,000 auctions with Hurley Auctions and has been instrumental to the thousands of successful auctions Hurley’s has conducted throughout the nation, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, California, Florida and more.

The Hurleys will be leaving in late June, but Matt has asked Hartman to assume the role as head of the company beginning on April 15.

"The church understands that we are leaving a lot behind in order to do this," Matt said. "They want our business to succeed so they make it possible for us to be involved while we are away.”

Matt, a graduate of Waynesboro Area Senior High School and Penn State University, will still have regular contact with the business and be involved in the major decisions while serving his mission.

Hartman will be joined by a well-established team of seasoned professionals, helping ensure Hurley Auctions will continue to serve clients and patrons as it always has.

Additionally, Matt's parents Gene and Barb Hurley, who have worked in the family business since its beginning, will continue to be involved as well as Matt and Shannon’s 20-year-old son Kaleb, an apprentice auctioneer, who will be helping after he returns from his mission in Paraguay.

Call to service 

In October 2018, Matt and Shannon received a phone call from President Henry B. Eyring, one of the leaders of the worldwide church. At that time they were asked if they would be willing to serve a mission for the church.

They were only told that it would be a three-year mission and they would be serving in an English-speaking assignment.

There were approximately 125 possible missions available as far as Africa and other locations around the world.

In late December, the long-awaited letter announcing they would be assigned to Idaho finally came.

The Idaho Falls mission includes much of southeast Idaho including Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Grand Tetons.

Matt and Shannon recalled their children were not excited about leaving their home, friends and cows behind, at first. Since, they have come around to the idea.

“We are really proud of them and how they have embraced the call to serve,” Matt said.

Missions are not new to the Hurleys. Matt served a two-year mission when he was 19 and their 20-year-old daughter Madison just returned from an 18-month mission to Nicaragua. Son Kaleb is currently serving a two-year mission in Asunción, Paraguay.

Matt said they feel that they have received so many blessings in their life and this is a chance for them to give back.

 Building a business 

As a child and young man, Matt wanted to be an auctioneer. It wasn’t until the day after he returned from his mission that he was contacted by one of his childhood hero auctioneers Bob Benchoff. At that time Bob invited Matt to be his apprentice and the rest is history.

Hurley Auctions has grown to be a nationally-recognized, award-winning company that has conducted over 4,000 auctions as far as California, Florida, Kansas and across the Mid-Atlantic.

“This will be our 26th year providing auction services to our clients,” Matt said. “With two sons that are anxious to some day take over the family business, we hope to be around a long time. In three years we will return and continue in the business we have loved for over 25 years.”

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