PennDOT asked to curb truck traffic on S. Washington Street

Shawn Hardy
Greencastle Mayor Ben Thomas Jr. took this picture of a damaged post where large trucks have trouble making the turn from South Washington Street to East Baltimore Street.

Greencastle Borough Council is lending its voice to concerns about tractor-trailer traffic on South Washington Street outlined in a letter from Mayor Ben Thomas Jr. to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Thomas shared his letter in the mayor's report at last week's meeting, then Councilman Duane Kinzer made the motion to "support the mayor's efforts" with a letter to PennDOT signed by all councilmen.

South Washington Street is a state road and Thomas is asking PennDOT to review the situation and "consider larger (much larger) signage directing trucks to stay on SR0011 (north-bound) and not enter the urban, residential area of Greencastle."

Truckers headed north on U.S. 11 bound for Baltimore Street follow their GPS onto Washington Street or fail to see the small sign with an arrow directing them to stay on U.S. 11.

That takes the 53-foot trucks down the residential street "just inches from eastern sidewalks, pedestrians, parked cars and children ... with the Greencastle-Antrim School District campus located nearby," Thomas wrote in his Jan. 18 letter.

The tractor-trailers then have difficulty turning right from Washington Street onto Baltimore Street to head toward Interstate 81, Thomas wrote.

Kinzer said he recently saw "a tractor-trailer trying to make the impossible turn ... I thought our whole traffic signal was going to come down."

In addition to borough council, Antrim Township supervisors and staff "concur with our concerns," Thomas wrote.