Shawn Hardy

The Borough of Greencastle's 2019 budget includes two more officers for the police department and civil service testing is expected to take place later this month.

A list of potential candidates will be developed after the testing, according to Eden Ratliff, borough manager.

"If you're interested in law enforcement, take the exam," urged Mayor Ben Thomas Jr., who spent many years as a borough police officer himself.

The police department is currently comprised of three full-time officers and Chief John Phillippy. The budget action actually covers filling one position in the department that had been left vacant for a number of years and creating one new position.

During his report to council, Phillippy said his department responded to 172 calls in December, bringing the total for the year to 2,880.

Noteworthy calls for the month included Dec. 2. when an officer responded to a Carlisle Street apartment for a disturbance. While on the scene a woman tried to set the building on fire. She was charged and then attempted to escape while being taken to Franklin County Jail.

Phillippy also reported on the Dec. 7 armed robbery at M&T, with the suspect arrested less than half an hour later. He recognized the work of officers Robert Petrunak and Kevin Creager, as well as the assistance Hagerstown police, the Washington County Sheriff's Department, Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg police and Franklin County 911 dispatchers.

On Dec. 3, Phillippy represented Franklin County at a meeting of the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania and spoke about the mental health co-responder program, which has been in place in Greencastle since spring of 2017.